Cynthia Brehm for Republican Party of Bexar County Chairman

2 Year Plan

If elected as your Republican Party Chairman, these are my immediate goals. My overarching purpose is to establish unity within the party, provide direction for the future, and create a more visible Republican presence in Bexar County. Through this 2 Year Plan, together we can unify our Party to accomplish our common goals and objectives.

Broaden Income Stream

To ensure our financial viability and increased financial support for Republican candidates, it is imperative that we explore alternative methods of raising funds. Under my leadership, we will have bigger and better Lincoln Day dinners and incorporate other fundraising events.

Recruit Precinct Chairmen and Volunteers

The Republican Party of Bexar County (RPBC) relies on its grassroots leadership to accomplish our platform objectives.  There are many Precinct Chairman vacancies that must be filled with qualified and motivated conservatives. Precinct Chairmen serve as the voice of the people in their precincts who must be heard at County Executive committee meetings. The County Chairman serves the assembly, and not the other way around.  Finally, our volunteers provide a valuable manpower for fundraising activities and elections, and are the backbone of the Party.

Enhance Community Outreach

To grow the Republican base in Bexar County, we must engage voters and recruit and retain committed volunteers who are well informed about the Republican Party’s national, state, and county Republican Party principles and platform. Consistent messaging will also improve the perception that the RPBC is much more than just an election driven organization.

Help Support Republican Candidates

We must aggressively recruit, train, and endorse conservatives for office throughout Bexar County. Simply stated: The lack of Republicans in local and county-wide offices adversely impacts many aspects of our daily life and continues to erode our personal freedoms.

Motivate Voter Turnout

The gap between registered voters and the number who actually vote undermines the democratic process. To grow the base of the Republican Party, we must increase voter registration drives consistently across Bexar County. Increasing voter turnout will require education and willingness to provide proactive assistance to the voting populace. Your Vote is Your Voice! ™

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BREHM is your clear choice for Bexar County Republican Chairman!